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2014 via North Fork Farmers: Vegetables, Livestock, Oysters & Wine

The best way to know a place is to meet its people. That's why GoNorthFork runs a weekly profile of a business or cultural institution through the eyes of the person who created it or runs it. For our new readers--and our regulars--here's a look back at some of the people and places that make the North Fork a great place to be. In this edition, we're focused on our farmers because the North Fork's rural, agricultural nature is its heart and soul. We've farmers of many types, folks who grow traditional row crops, trees, grapes and oysters; but they all have one thing in common: it's all family based here. To get the over all context of North Fork farming, meet

Tom Wickham, North Fork Farmer




Tom Wickham, 10th Generation Cutchogue Farmer.


But don't be fooled; new farmers are cultivating this fertile land all the time, each with a profound commitment to sustainable, ethical practice. A couple of those are

Holly Browder, Browder's Birds



Holly Browder, of Browder's Birds



Carol Festa, 8 Hands Farm



and Carol Festa, of 8 Hands Farm.



In between are multi-generational farms with just a bit less time here than the Wickhams, such as

Ed Harbes Harbes Family Farm Mattituck NY



The Harbes Family, which has a farm, an orchard, a vineyard and lots of ways to play on the land,



Sang Lee Farms, Karen Lee, Certified Organic Farm, Peconic New York



The Lee Family, which features the organic goodness of Sang Lee, and



Lisa Edson Santa's Christmas Tree Farm Cutchogue




Lisa Edson, of Santa's Christmas Tree Farm.


Farming here isn't just on land; our Peconic Bay has long been harvested for oysters and scallops. Meet

North Fork Oyster Farmers Little Creek Oysters Greenport



Rosalie Rung and Ian Wile of Little Creek Oysters; to see the educational/personal use side of aquaculture, meet



Kim Terault of SPAT for Homepage




Kim Tetrault of SPAT.


The North Fork boasts over 50 vineyards; too many to recap them all. Here's a couple:

Old Field Vineyards



Roz Baiz of The Old Field Vineyards, and



Jim & Linda Waters Waters Crest Winery




Jim Waters of Waters Crest Winery.


In 2015 we'll be chatting with many more of our farmers, baymen and winemakers, so stay tuned. Of course, though family agriculture is the heart of the North Fork, there's so much more here too. Check out the full series of North Fork Insider columns, and read about our artists, retailers, and cultural institutions too.