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Greenport's First Fridays Gallery Walk

The photo is a JoAnne Dumas work from the Making Waves Exhibit, which opens at Sirens' Song Gallery during the Gallery Walk this Friday July 7. Caroline Waloski, artist & proprietor of Sirens' Song, and participant in the Greenport Business Improvement District supporting the event, chats about it: Q: How did the Greenport Gallery Walk get started? Who is participating?

A: Over 10 years ago, we artists decided to cooperate and promote each other to make Greenport an art destination. We started doing the gallery walks, but didn’t keep it up consistently. We started up again last year. This year we have Greenport BID sponsorship, and three new galleries have joined in, The Olive Studio, VSOP Projects, and KT Keen Studio.

Unfortunately, KT Keen got involved after we produced our print material, so she’s not on the map. But she’s easy to find, she’s the first door down on Bootleg Alley, 37 Front Street #2. Also the East End Seaport Museum is staying open late so you can explore their exhibits too; they’re not on the map either, but near the Shelter Island ferry, on the way from KT Keen’s to VSOP Projects.

Other Greenport businesses will be staying open later in support of the Gallery Walk. For example, Greenport Wine and Spirits is staying open and serving wine tastings until 7 pm. Also staying open are Clarke’s Garden, Crinoline Boutique, Flying Point, Impulse, Kessie, Kon Tiki, Mercantile, Metal Monk, One Love Beach, Special Effects Salon & Spa, and Vines and Branches. Little Creek Oysters will be having a Night Market with local vendors down Bootlegger’s Alley from KT Keen. So there will be a lot to walk around and explore and do.

Q: So nine art galleries and a museum will be open; are the galleries all traditional galleries? Any idea what they’ll be showing?

A: The Gallery Walk includes a mix of traditional galleries and open artists’ studios. For example, Hector deCordova, Nova Constellano, the Olive Studio, and KT Keen are all single artist, open studio galleries; South Street Gallery, Sirens’ Song Gallery, Gallery M (fine craft), Greenport Harbor Brewing, and VSOP Projects are all “traditional” galleries.  All the galleries are showing contemporary works.

I’m not sure in detail what the other galleries are showing. I think South Street has a digital print exhibit; my gallery is opening an exhibit called Making Waves. All nine galleries and artists’ studios will welcome you with refreshments, and every month each gallery changes its exhibit.

Q: What’s the Making Waves exhibit about?

A: Making Waves is all about water, from reality to fantasy. Some images are more realistic, some more fantastic; there’s something for everybody. The exhibit features the work of four artists plus myself. It includes experimental photography by JoAnne Dumas—she makes three dimensional sculpture collages out of her photographic material—undulating waterworks. Kathleen Bifulco is showing her photographic collages. Mary Twomey offers lyrical lino cut prints. Anneli Arms and I show hand pulled intaglio prints—etchings. This exhibit will run through July 31.

Q: So there’s nine galleries, a museum, a dozen plus more businesses all participating this Friday from 6-9 pm. Are there any special aspects of this event we haven’t covered yet?

A: Yes. A special event this Friday is a silent auction to support Greenport’s beautiful and historic carousel. These are paintings done by local painters. Reproductions of each will be be permanently displayed on the top of the carousel round, adding local contemporary artists' vision of Greenport history as decoration to the vintage carousel; the original paintings are the auction. The auction takes place from Noon to 9 pm at the viewing deck of the Mitchell Park Marina. For more information about that aspect of the event, call 631-477-0248.

Q: And these First Friday Gallery Walks will run all way through December? Doesn’t it get too cold and snowy?

A: Yes the walks will run through December.  No, not usually about the weather. Throughout the Fall Greenport and the North Fork tend to have beautiful weather. Increasingly chilly, for sure, but Greenport has become a village for all seasons.  The December First Friday Gallery Walk will probably be extra busy, actually, because it syncs up with Shellabration, Greenport’s very popular event that happens early in December.

In the works and planning stage is our annual Greenport Holidays event running from Thanksgiving weekend until after the new year. Greenport’s tagline is “You Don’t Have To Go Far To Get Away” encouraging visitors from the tri-state area to come and visit our historic maritime village all year long. For more information visit the Greenport Business Improvement District (BID) website and calendar page: www.GreenportVillage.com