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Dave Brennan

Q&A With Captain Dave Brennan of Peconic Star Boats

Q: How long have you been a captain? A: I’ve been a captain since 1974.

Q: Wow. 40 years. Surely you could retire by now. Why do you keep being a captain?

A: I grew up as a hunter, and I’m still a hunter. I like tracking down fish.

We’re in the mostly in the porgy business, but earlier in the year it’s fluke, and later in the year it’s blackfish. Blackfish is a little trickier fish to catch, so I enjoy that.

But the main thing is making people happy, tracking down the fish, being able to send people home with their dinner and a pleasant experience. When they get off my boat, my top notch fish cutters have all the catch prepped. People can step on the dock and head straight to kitchen.

Q: Where do you go to fish? A: Wherever the fish are. Since we have the new boat—which incidentally is the fastest party boat in all of Long Island—we’re able to extend our range to go where the fish are during the times of the year that they’re not as close to Greenport. We go to the Block Island area, out by Fishers Island too.

Q: Have you always been on the water? A: No. I served in the Vietnam War with the Air Force, and then I worked for an airline. I left the airlines and went to work on a party boat at Captree State Park. The captain that I worked for told me the boat was for sale, and I bought it and went into the charter business. In 1980 we moved to Greenport.

Q: Why Greenport? A: The opportunity was right. I had purchased a second boat by then and there was no room for at Captree. Also at that time the one Greenport party boat took up a different line of work—as a Plum Island ferry. In the 30+ years since we’ve become a destination.

Q: Greenport’s changed a lot in that time.

A: Yeah. Over that time they’ve really cleaned the town up; Greenport’s become a real destination. But deep down, it’s still authentically Greenport. It’s retained some of its original flavor.

Q: Last question--is there anything special people should bring if they want to come aboard your fleet? Do they need reservations? A: While we encourage people to bring their own equipment and picnic, all they have to bring is their suntan lotion and wallet. We have and can supply everything people need.

And no, reservations aren’t necessary. We have boats leaving every day at 730 am, returning to the dock between 230 and 3. All the details are on our website, but if people need more, they can call me directly at 631.875.2631.