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Quintessentials Bed & Breakfast & Spa

Q & A with Sylvia Daley, Quintessentials's Innkeeper & Spa Director

Q: Have you always been an innkeeper?

 A: Ha! When I came to the North Fork for the first time, back in '91, I  was working on Wall Street as a financial executive in international banking.

I was sharing a summer house in East Hampton with co-workers, when I was invited by another friend to visit her on the North Fork. I’d never even heard of this Fork.

I got here, saw the water, the land, and the quaint houses and fell in love.  I immediately lobbied for my island place in the sun, now Quintessentials.


Q: Wow, that must have been quite a switch—Wall Street to East Marion. Why did you choose East Marion for your B&B and Spa?

 A: Well, the whole North Fork is great; here we get the pleasures of the Peconic Bay and Long Island Sound waters, open farm and wine country, and wonderful people. But within the North Fork, I just adore East Marion.

It’s a tiny bucolic hamlet, just before Orient Village at the tip of eastern Long Island. Really, the absolute antithesis of Wall Street.  Total escape from the concrete jungle.  Just like each New York City neighborhood has its own feel, East Marion is its own place within the North Fork.


Q: So did you just turn a page, ending one chapter of your life and starting the next?

A: No. It was a slow transition to full-time innkeeper.  I had the house for a while but couldn’t make it out to the North Fork because of a heavy travel schedule and family.

Once I got the idea to do a bed and breakfast, I took my time restoring and renovating, adding bathrooms, private decks and the skincare Spa.  Some two years after I bought the house Quintessentials opened its doors to guests. But even then I was in transition; it took a while for me to give up my city job completely in exchange for being a full-time innkeeper.


Q: What from your past life have you found most useful as an innkeeper?

 A: Past lives, really. And pretty much all of it.

I worked and lived on five continents, specializing in international business, economic development, and banking. Among other careers, I did a three-year stint for the United Nations in Africa and Latin America, establishing economic development programs.

Along the way, I picked up four languages and gave hundreds of parties. My guests said I always served amazing food.

As an innkeeper, I draw on all of that experience. I and Quintessentials have a multi-cultural, eclectic style. We offer five unique rooms and suites featuring in-room fireplaces, whirlpool baths, and private decks. I serve delicious, farm to table meals, and focus on creating a pampering vacation experience.


 Q: Just as an aside—this coffee is delicious. Is it just the atmosphere making it taste so good, or is the coffee itself something special?

A: It’s special. It’s Blue Mountain coffee from my special stash—it’s delivered direct from Jamaica. I serve it fresh in the mornings to my guests.


Q: Direct from Jamaica????

A: I grew up in Jamaica. That’s where I learned I have to live near water, have creative friends, and tend a big garden.


Q: Yes, your garden is spectacular.

A: Thank you. You can see why guests choose it for so many special events – weddings, vow-renewals, tea parties, and luncheons. It's where my staff and I facilitate yoga & meditation retreats.

Over the past six years, we’ve hosted an increasing number of elopement weddings. Couples love to relax in our steam room and sauna, wander the Fung Shui meditation garden, and swing in the couple’s hammock.


Q: Do you have any final thoughts for our audience?

 A: Come to the North Fork and experience your bliss year-round!

And when you do, remember: As the North Fork’s first and only boutique B&B with a full-service skincare Spa, Quintessentials offers the comfort and charm of the Inn AND a completely rejuvenating experience for the body, mind and spirit.

But stay here or not, swing on by to say hi and have a cup of tea!

Quintessentials Bed and Breakfast and Spa, East Marion, New York a North Fork resort for weddings and romantic getaways.